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New Packaging is our answer to increasing your sales!


Meadow View Stone has seen a huge success in the uptake of their newly rebranded Horticultural Range, with sales of these bespoke products up by 52%.  The reason for this great success story is in the packaging. Retailers take one look at this highly relatable and attractive full colour packaging and foresee the opportunity to increase sales of these more tailored products.
The bags were specifically designed to portray relatable, attention grabbing visuals of where and how each product can be utilised. This then enables customers to instantly connect the correct products for their specific requirements. Customers are further assured that they are selecting the correct products as each bag displays a selection of informative bullet points, outlining the main uses of each product. 
Horticultural Grits and Sands have historically been assigned to back of store locations, due to their unflattering appearance and drab packaging. However, in some instances Meadow View Stone have seen some of their retailers promoting these new colour bags inside garden centres in prime and prominent locations. This has further helped stimulate growth in sales of these products.
Retailers have been very positive about the benefits of stocking this new range, previously some of these products were seen as an occasional purchase. Retailers are now enjoying an increased surge in interest directly as a result of this new packaging.
All of this exciting new packaging comes complete with Point of Sale that features the same illustrations from each of the bags to provide easy product selection in store.
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